Polynucleotide Treatment


Polynucleotide Treatment

Polynucleotides are an exciting approach to skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and enhanced skin quality.

Polynucleotides are filtered and ultra-purified natural DNA fractions that initiate your body’s natural fibroblast production, resulting in increased collagen (47% in 23 days) and a thicker, healthier epidermis (52% in 23 days).


The Procedure

Procedure time

30 mins

Full recovery

0 – 36 hours

Results duration





Bruising, temporary swelling


Whose DNA is being used in Polynucleotide Treatments?

This is quite possibly the most asked question. And it’s a good one! We use PlenhyageXL, which contains DNA that originates from salmon. Remarkably, salmon DNA is incredibly similar to ours. But rest assured; we are referring only to FRACTIONS of DNA. After the highly specialised clinical filtration and ultra-purification process, there is no ‘matter’ remaining. Even those with allergies to fish are safe to use polynucleotides, with clinical trials reporting NO allergic reactions to date. We should also note that the salmon are not killed to obtain their DNA.

Polynucleotides differ from other, hyaluronic-based skin boosters and dermal fillers. Rather than giving skin a surge in collagen and elastin, or ‘plumping’ the skin with carefully placed temporary products, polynucleotides are catalysts in the regeneration of fibroblasts – the main cells within the skin’s structure. The product itself is absorbed by the body fairly rapidly, having activated new cell production. Of course, we continue to age, but the clock has quite literally been turned back in your treated areas.

The first signs of improvement often begin around 7-10 days after your first treatment, with the full effects visible at around 3-4 weeks. This is when we recommend your second, and subsequent treatments to take place. By doing so, we maintain continued, active stimulation of fibroblast production, maximising short and long-term results.

Polynucleotides are suitable at any age, at any time of year. Whilst there is a benefit to having even one syringe of polynucleotides, we recommend a course of at least 3, each spaced 3 weeks apart. Polynucleotides can also be incorporated into skin booster treatments such as Profhilo and many more of the treatments we offer. Dr Claudia will be able to guide you through how and when to introduce a protocol.

You may have tiny blebs just visible, which is where the product has been left on your skin. This will dissipate over a few hours but can take longer in some patients.

  • Avoid any other facial treatments for 72 hours
  • Avoid touching or washing your face for 4 hours
  • Avoid make-up for 12 hours
  • Drink at least 2.5 litres of water daily


Price List

Polynucleotide + Hyaluronic Acid
££350.00 (per treatment)
Polynucleotide + HA
£950.00 (course of three)
Polynucleotide standard
£300.00 (per treatment)
Polynucleotide standard £800.00 (course of three)
Dr Claudia Petillon


Dr Claudia Petillon

There is increasing pressure on us these days to appear ‘ageless’ and conform to celebrity ideals and this in turn can lead to confidence issues which I all too often see as a doctor.

I truly believe in a ‘less is more’ philosophy and want to work with my clients to achieve a more youthful version of themselves whilst retaining their full range of expression and not giving them a mask like look. I want your friends to comment on how well you are looking but not be able to tell that you have had a cosmetic treatment. That’s a secret that you can choose to keep to yourself!

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