Intravita IV Nutrition Therapy



The ingredients used within IVNT are vitamins, minerals and water, also known as ‘essential nutrients’. Traditionally they were found in the food we eat but modern times have seen the rise in modified and over-processed food, leaving many of us deficient in these essential nutrient.

More than 1 in 3 people take oral vitamin supplements daily and although we know they are beneficial, few people realise that the body’s natural absorption process can render up to 85% of a vitamin supplement useless – so only 15% of the active ingredients may actually find their way into the bloodstream. With IVNT higher concentrations of nutrients are delivered directly to the body’s cells.


Who can have IV Nutrition Therapy?

Everyone can benefit from Intravita – athletes wanting energy or people recovering from illness and needing a pick me up. The only exclusions are pregnant and breastfeeding women or those known to have an allergy to any of the ingredients within the infusions.

The infusion is given via a ‘drip’ and requires the insertion of a small cannula into a vein (usually in your arm). The infusion can be given as a one-off treatment, however most benefit will be gained from having a course of treatment. We recommend 6 treatments over a 2-3-month period.

Lots of people report increased energy levels and an improvement in their general feeling of wellbeing following the infusion.

As with all injectable treatments we do advise you to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication for seven days prior to the procedure to minimise bruising unless you have to take them for a medical reason. Avoiding alcohol for 48 hours before treatment can also help reduce your risk of bruising.


Price List

Vitamin C: the ultimate detox infusion
from £150.00
Health Boost Plus: give your body a health boost. This ultimate blend of amino acids helps your body maintain optimum health

from £250.00
Fat Burner Plus: gorgeous on the outside. Our fat burner IV drip combines a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help you achieve fat burning and detoxification
from £250.00
Modified Myers Plus: help fight those free radicals. With the IV cocktail that started it all. It contains just the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
from £200.00
Performance Booster Plus: rediscover your get up and go. With our performance boosting cocktail packed with energy-boosting B vitamins and amino acids

from £250.00
Immuno Booster: reboot your system. Our IV nutritional drip to help boost your immune systems’ performancefrom £250.00
Glutathione: the guardian of the cell. Glutathione is considered the Master Anti-oxidant in each cell. It also increases energy levels, slows down the ageing process, detoxifies the liver and improves the skin
from £200.00
Hair Nourishment: hair nourishment and shine. Let your hair shine from the inside out from £250.00
Amino Muscle Plus: powering you to peak performance. This IV drip is packed with high concentrations of amino acids for those people with an active lifestyle from £250.00
Procainium Hydrogen Carbonate: the ultimate anti-ageing infusion. Rewind the clock with our ultimate internal anti-aging formula from £150.00
Energiser: need a healthy pick me up? Our high-octane energy boosting drip is the ideal pick-me-up. With high doses of B vitamins and amino acids
from £200.00
Advanced Energiser: the ultimate power hit. If you need a bigger energy boost, this Advanced Energiser formula will get the energy flowing from £250.00
Skin Brightening: brighter overall complexion. Our intravenous skin brightening formula can brighten your skin naturally and safely from £200.00
NADH: get up and go. Our NADH IV will give you a serious boost of energy physically and mentally from £200.00

Dr Claudia Petillon


Dr Claudia Petillon

There is increasing pressure on us these days to appear ‘ageless’ and conform to celebrity ideals and this in turn can lead to confidence issues which I all too often see as a doctor.

I truly believe in a ‘less is more’ philosophy and want to work with my clients to achieve a more youthful version of themselves whilst retaining their full range of expression and not giving them a mask like look. I want your friends to comment on how well you are looking but not be able to tell that you have had a cosmetic treatment (that’s a secret that you can choose to keep to yourself)!

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