Dr Claudia Petillon


Your Patient Journey

If you have been contemplating an aesthetic treatment to address a specific concern and restore confidence, we appreciate that this can often be an overwhelming decision. At Dr CP Aesthetics, we are committed to providing the very best patient care and offering an ethically-led aesthetic practice that puts you first.

Whether your goal is to improve skin health, reduce fine lines and wrinkles or reverse other facial ageing changes, remove stubborn pockets of fat, or treat a range of skin concerns, we can create a bespoke treatment pathway with gold standard products and state-of-the-art technology.

We only offer treatments that we know deliver safe, predictable and effective results and ensure you are fully informed before you make the decision to proceed. Dr Claudia prides herself on offering frank, open and honest advice. If she feels you do not need to have something done then she will tell you.


Your Time With Us

At Dr CP Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on giving each of our clients an amazing experience from your original contact through to your final outcome. Find out more about your step-by-step patient journey below…


Your Consultation

The consultation is essential as it allows us to fully understand your concerns and expectations, as we must be able to deliver the results you are hoping for. We will explain which treatment we think is best suited to you, but often a bespoke combination package is required and we’ll ensure that it suits your budget and needs.


Your Treatment

Depending on whether you’re new to us or the treatment, we give you time to consider your options and come back when you’re happy to proceed. When you arrive for your treatment, you can ask any further questions at this point. If you need topical anaesthetic applied to minimise any discomfort, you’ll be asked to arrive in advance of your appointment.


Your Aftercare

Within 48 hours of your treatment, you’ll receive an email with comprehensive aftercare instructions. Depending on your treatment, you will be invited to a follow-up appointment. We will review the initial results of your treatment and discuss any concerns you may have. This is also the opportunity to schedule any other treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions we get asked most often by our patients. If there’s anything specific you want to know that we haven’t covered, please book a consultation or request more information and we’ll be happy to help.

If you are an existing patient or have previously already undergone a specific procedure elsewhere, we can often perform a same-day treatment. However, it is integral to our practice philosophy that our patients are fully informed before they make the decision to proceed with treatment, so we usually offer a treatment appointment on a later date to your consultation.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Any cancellation within 48 hours of your appointment may mean you are charged.

You must be eighteen or over to receive any of our treatments.

It’s recommended that you wait a minimum of one week after your treatment to fly; any sooner than this and you may risk recurring swelling and bruising.

During your consultation, Dr Claudia will listen carefully to your concerns and expectations and advise you on the appropriate treatment or combination of treatments to fit your budget and requirements. It’s essential you are fully informed about the benefits and also the potential complications before you make the decision to proceed.

Topical anaesthetic cream is typically applied prior to all our treatments to ensure that the experience is as pain-free as possible. There is also a local anaesthetic contained within the solution of many of our products which helps to minimise discomfort.

Bruising and swelling is an expected reaction to any aesthetic treatment and is just your body’s natural healing response. Typically, this should last just a few days. It’s important to avoid blood-thinning painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen as this can actually make the bruising worse.

All patients will receive an email with comprehensive aftercare advice after their appointment. Patients can contact us at any point with any concerns or questions after their treatment.

Discreet Aesthetic Clinic

An absolute true professional in every sense!

Claudia is an absolute true professional in every sense! She is so knowledgeable and put me instantly at ease. Any nerves I went into the clinic with dissipated straight away and I felt so safe & relaxed in her hands. The clinic itself is in a beautiful setting and immaculate. Would recommend without hesitation!

She was open and honest about the possible results

This was my first time visiting Claudia and I will definitely go back again. The clinic is in a lovely location. It’s clean and professional. Claudia was calm and welcoming. She listened to my concerns and suggested the most appropriate treatment options. She was open and honest about the possible results. I felt comfortable and respected throughout. Thank you!