The rise of ‘brotox’

Demand for male aesthetic treatments

Blame it on Barbie! The global hit that is the Barbie film is already influencing fashion and beauty trends with increased demand for clothes in Barbiecore pink and hairdressers reporting that requests for Barbie blonde hair are up 83%. It’s also been claimed that men are turning to ‘brotox’ as they aren’t feeling ‘Kenenough’.

This is not necessarily a new phenomenon as last year it was reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that anti-wrinkle injections had risen by 400% since pre-pandemic levels.

More and more men are focusing on rejuvenation treatments as they feel that ageing changes to the face leaves them looking unnecessarily tired or cross. Reducing prominent facial wrinkles can enhance confidence in social or professional settings. The increasingly competitive job market is often cited as older men feel they must look dynamic and refreshed to retain or advance their position.

Top 5 aesthetic treatments for men

Wrinkle smoothing for men

Although male skin is estimated to be 20 to 30% thicker than female skin, men have stronger muscles so are more likely to develop dynamic wrinkles. These are the facial lines that develop due to the constant contraction and relaxation of the facial muscles; they typically appear in the upper third of the face as crow’s feet and frown lines.

Anti-wrinkle injections work by temporarily interrupting the signal from the nerves to the facial muscles, smoothing the overlying skin.

Sculpting of the male jaw

One of the most popular aesthetic treatments for men is sculpting of the jawline using dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can enhance the jaw to produce a stronger, more defined and masculine appearance.

Improvement of acne and acne scarring
Although both men and women develop acne scarring, it can seem more pronounced in men. This is because men have larger and more active sebaceous glands and typically experience more severe and persistent acne due to production of androgen, the male hormone.

The Perfect Peel was designed to treat several skin concerns, including acne. A series of skin peels can also minimise the scarring left by acne; glutathione increases cellular turnover which can improve stubborn acne scars.

Eradication of a double chin

Even fit men can have the appearance of a double chin. Genetics determine how we carry weight and ageing, which means the loss of skin elasticity coupled with the descent of the facial tissues, can lead to a double chin.

Fat dissolving injections are effective at treating stubborn and localised fat deposits, such as a double chin, which will not shift through diet and exercise alone. They contain deoxycholic acid which breaks down fat cells and accelerates the body’s own natural fat removal process.

Skin rejuvenation for men

Men’s skin is typically thicker, more elastic, and more vascular than their female counterparts. Regardless of age, men are also proven to have a higher density of collagen and elastin than women. This is why women are often said to age faster than men, yet women are more in tune with maintaining collagen levels by protecting their skin from sun damage and other environmental and lifestyle factors.

There are a whole host of aesthetic treatments that rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen production. Profhilo is becoming increasingly popular with male patients as it doesn’t produce a drastic reshaping of the face, but instead naturally rejuvenates and remodels. It is composed of high levels of hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant, which draws and holds water in your dermis.

Tired, dull-looking skin is transformed into a youthful, glowing complexion. Profhilo also stimulates collagen and elastin production so there is a secondary skin tightening affect over the following weeks.

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