The menopause and ageing skin

Menopause and ageing skin

For many years, women suffered in silence when it came to the menopause, but the endeavours of Davina McCall, Mariella Frostrup, and other campaigners has helped to destigmatise the time of transition.

Along with the many unwelcome side effects, such as hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia and weight gain, the drop in female hormones can also have an undesirable impact on the skin.

Menopause and skin thinning

Oestrogen is the hormone most associated with youthfulness and when it comes to the skin, studies have shown that it supports collagen levels by binding to fibroblasts which are responsible for producing collagen. As your oestrogen levels drop during the menopause, there is a marked impact on collagen production.

In the first five years following menopause, it’s estimated that women lose a staggering 30% of their skin’s collagen. Thereafter, post-menopausal women will continue to lose about 2% per year.

Collagen plays a major role in strengthening the skin, as well as in elasticity and hydration. As it drops, you’ll notice your skin becomes drier and thinner, with wrinkles, crepiness and skin sagging.

Profhilo is an innovative skin ageing treatment. Like dermal fillers, Profhilo is composed of hyaluronic acid, but rather than filling or plumping, it first hydrates the skin and then stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Oestrogen is also thought to play a role in regulating the production of melanin which is why many women notice the appearance of melasma, a form of hyperpigmentation commonly triggered by hormonal changes. It typically presents as dark blotches across the forehead, cheeks, chin, or upper lip.

Sun exposure can worsen melasma so protecting your skin is essential. AlumierMD Broad Spectrum Sunscreens protect from both UVA and UVB rays with physical and mineral sunscreen filters.

Acne breakouts during the menopause

Hormonal fluctuations are one of the main causes of acne, which is why, after your teenage years, the menopause is often characterised by continual breakouts. During the menopause, oestrogen plummets and the relative increase in testosterone levels results in clogged pores and oily skin. Unlike blackheads or whiteheads, hormonal acne presents as deep, tender bumps around the mouth, chin, and along the jawline.

Dr Claudia stocks AlumierMD as her primary range of skincare and they offer a range of products specially formulated to target adult acne. Powerful anti-acne and anti-ageing ingredients are combined to reveal both clearer and younger-looking skin.

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