The Dr CP festive glow-up guide for Christmas and the New Year

Festive aesthetic treatments

The countdown to Christmas has started and our social calendars are fast getting booked up with glam parties, work dos, family get-togethers and festive drinks. The good news is that it’s not too late to get a glow-up that will carry you through to January.

Skin TLC

This time of year is really hard on our skin. As we move from the colder temperatures outside to artificial indoor heating, our skin is often left dry and flaky while harsh winds damage the skin’s natural barrier, making it more sensitive and prone to redness.

This is further compounded by the impact of the holiday season on our skin. Dermatologists have coined the term ‘Christmas Face’ to describe the effect that increased consumption of sugary foods, alcoholic drinks and late nights on our complexions. Consuming sugary foods and drinks causes our blood sugar levels to rise, which can result in breakouts as oil production and inflammation is stimulated. Excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates our skin, making it look puffy as it tries to retain water.

The priority is always to find a skincare regime that can help you maintain your dermis’s delicate moisture balance throughout the year whatever your unique skin profile. At Dr CP Aesthetics, we use AlumierMD that offers a wide range of medical-grade skincare, whether you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin, or suffer from conditions such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation or acne.

Skin Boost

In recent years, there has been an exciting development in aesthetics with the introduction of skin boosters. Rather than filling a fold or smoothing a wrinkle, this injectable treatment delivers deep skin hydration. Although they may not have as dramatic and instant impact as Anti-Wrinkle Injections or Dermal Fillers, skin boosters can achieve a beautifully natural and all-over skin rejuvenation.

At Dr CP Aesthetics, we offer Profhilo, which is composed of Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring component in the skin which is highly effective at retaining moisture. Micro-injections of this gel-like substance are placed at key points in the face and over the following weeks and months you should see an improvement in firmness, elasticity and radiance.

As well as the face, Profhilo can be used on the neck, décolletage, and hands. Patients report a healthier and more radiant skin tone, a smoothing of visible lines and wrinkles, and tighter, more lifted skin as collagen and elastin production is stimulated.

Skin Glow

If you’ve got a big event looming this festive season, the 3D Hydro Facial is the ultimate skin pick-me-up as it delivers instant results with no downtime. It combines non-invasive skin cleansing and exfoliating while delivering hydration and antioxidant protection with its specially formulated serums.

3D Hydro Facial is gentle enough to treat all skin types and skin concerns. It can be used all year round as part of an ongoing skin routine or as an occasional skin treat, but at Dr CP Aesthetics we think it’s a fantastic treatment for dull, dry Winter skin.

So, if you are worried about the toll that late nights and overindulgence is going to take, call 0115 772 2363 to arrange a consultation.