Our Autumn approved aesthetic treatments

Autumn aesthetic treatments

We may get excited about Summer, but often it can be a let-down with hit and miss weather, holiday envy and enforced outdoor socialising. Autumn, on the other hand, can be a delight with crisp mornings, magnificent autumnal foliage, a wardrobe changeover, cosy nights in and the countdown to Christmas starting.

Autumn can also be the best season to have an aesthetic treatment and here’s why.

Saving post-summer skin

Exposure to the sun’s rays during the hotter months causes significant damage to our dermis and is the biggest cause of skin ageing. Summer is the season to protect the skin and Autumn the time to repair it.

Dull, damaged skin is often best treated with a chemical peel or course of them. A chemical peel composed of an exfoliating agent such as glycolic or salicylic acid causes controlled ‘trauma’ to the top layer of the skin, forcing the body to shed dead skin cells and stimulate the production of fresh new skin cells. Collagen production is also stimulated.

Chemical peels are best performed as the temperatures drop as there is less chance of direct sun exposure, allowing the skin to heal. However, Dr Claudia will recommend you still wear high factor sun protection in the period immediately after your treatment.

Working on winter leg care

If you were self-conscious of spider veins on your legs this Summer, then now is the perfect time to treat them. Spider veins are small, dilated blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. They appear as thin lines or broken webs and can be red, purple of blue in colour.

Although spider veins don’t usually cause any health concerns, they are usually due to underlying varicose veins which can be more problematic. They can also make sufferers feel distress and embarrassment as one recent study found.

Microsclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for spider or thread veins. A fine needle injects a solution into the tiny vessels that irritates their lining. The walls of the veins stick together, and the vein disappears.

We advise you bring compression garments to your appointments and wear them afterwards for a period, which will be more comfortable in colder weather. Vessels can often appear more prominent and small patches of brown discoloration emerge after treatment, so patients prefer being able to cover their legs. Also, you should avoid direct sunlight immediately after treatment to avoid hyperpigmentation developing.

Prepping for the party season

Autumn is the time to start planning any festive tweakments as every aesthetic procedure involves a certain amount of downtime and a timeline for when you can expect the optimal result:

Anti-Wrinkle Injections: bruising doesn’t always happen after an injectable treatment, but it can be a common occurrence as there are so many tiny blood vessels just under the surface of the skin. If bruising does happen, then it can take two weeks to fully disappear. Also, Anti-Wrinkle Injections work by freezing the nerves that signal to our facial muscles and it can take five to seven days for wrinkles to relax and our skin smooth over.

Dermal Fillers: results are immediate but there may be a small amount of swelling afterwards so you may want to wait a week or two to make sure any swelling or bruising has disappeared.

Profhilo: this injectable takes a unique approach to skin rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid is injected at several points and not only hydrates the skin but also lifts and tightens. It is recommended you have two treatments, a month apart, and your final result will emerge in the weeks following your second treatment so book now for party perfect skin.

HydroFacial: also described as the Ultimate Facial, this exfoliating skin rejuvenation treatment delivers an instant glow so can be scheduled a few days in advance of a big event. Or book a course of treatments for noticeable, long-lasting results.

Dr Claudia can advise you on when best to plan your party prep; call 0115 772 2363 to arrange a consultation.