FAQ: Is it possible to smooth out necklace lines?

Neck lines treatment

Tech neck has become the latest beauty concern as our addiction to scrolling social media on our iPhones combined with the natural ageing process, has left us with horizontal neck lines.

Just as crow’s feet develop around our eyes, these necklace lines are the result of a gradual weakening of our skin’s underlying foundation and the constant contraction and relaxation of the muscles beneath the skin. This leads to skin folds and lines that emerge and stay even when we are rest. And, our Instagram addictions might be the reason why younger and younger patients are seeking a solution.

How to treat neck lines?


Make sure that whatever anti-ageing products you’re using on your face, you extend down your neck. The skin on the neck is particularly thin and delicate which makes it more susceptible to environmental damage so make sure you protect it with a broad spectrum, high factor sunscreen.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Toxins freeze the nerves that signal our muscles to move which is why it is best suited to treating dynamic wrinkles like necklace lines. This is only a temporary fix though as the effects wear off after three to five months.


Like the gold standard dermal fillers Dr Claudia uses, Profhilo is composed of hyaluronic acid. Dermal fillers are less suitable for treating necklace lines as there is more movement in the neck and the skin very thin so a chance of lumps developing, but Profhilo works in a completely different way. The HA solution is developed to disperse just under the surface of the skin so the skin becomes more hydrated and plump. Collagen production is stimulated so there is also a lifting and tightening over time.

Microneedling combined with radiofrequency

At Dr CP, we offer 3D Dermaforce Microneedling/RF which is an advanced method of skin rejuvenation. It works by stimulating the body’s natural healing process to encourage collagen production in the dermis resulting in rejuvenated and tighter skin.

Radiofrequency energy is delivered through specially designed insulated needles. This allows for precise delivery into the dermis, while at the same time protecting the surface of the skin from any heat damage.

The neck and decolletage are a popular area to treat. As collagen production is stimulated, the skin looks thicker and more lifted and lines and crepey skin are greatly improved. Results can be seen after just one treatment, but we advise a course of three for optimal results and an annual maintenance treatment thereafter.

The neck can be a challenging area to treat, and treatment is usually aimed at being preventative and gently smoothing any existing lines rather than complete correction. To find out more about the treatments we offer for neck lines, call 0115 772 2363 to arrange a consultation.