Facial ageing by layers

facial ageing treatments

Looking in the mirror, you may have become fixated on your frown lines or concerned about your less than firm chin and jawline, but facial ageing is a complex, multi-dimensional process and superficial signs of ageing are often caused by deeper structural changes.

Choosing an experienced aesthetic practitioner that understands all the underlying factors that combine to cause ageing changes is a must to achieve a natural and effective rejuvenation.

The bony structure and facial ageing

Over the age of 35, the cells that regenerate the face’s bony structure decrease production and bone absorption occurs. As the bones are the supporting structure of the other facial tissues, this can therefore greatly contribute to ageing changes.

The temples begin to hollow and narrow, changing the shape of the face and shifting the balance downwards. The bone around the eyes widens, leading to hollows under the eye and flattened cheeks, nasolabial folds appearing and loss of definition along the jawline.

Treatment options: hyaluronic acid dermal fillers effectively address structural changes to the face by supplementing the scaffolding for the upper layers.

Our muscles and ageing

Although the muscles of the face become thinner as we age, they remain strong enough for us to maintain facial expression. The constant contraction and relaxation of the facial muscles produce what are often the first signs of ageing. These dynamic wrinkles become static wrinkles over time as the skin becomes less elastic and present as crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead furrows, and lipstick lines.

Treatment options: anti-wrinkle injections are a highly effective for dynamic wrinkles as they temporarily disrupt the nerve signals to the muscles, reducing muscle activity so the overlying skin becomes smoother.

Facial fat and the ageing process

The face comprises deep and superficial fat pads that add shape and plumpness to a younger face, such as high-rounded cheeks. Due to bone reabsorption and loss of skin elasticity, the size and position of the fat pads change, and the ageing face will often look bottom-heavy. This presents as flatter cheeks, deeper nasolabial folds and the appearance of jowls.

Treatment options: hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be used in all areas of the face to restore lost facial volume and rebalance facial contours.

Skin-deep ageing changes

The skin is where we see many of the visible effects of the ageing process, and it takes place in both the epidermis or top layer and the middle layer, which is known as the dermis.

Collagen and elastin loss in the middle layer of the skin are the most significant factors in skin ageing. Collagen is responsible for strength and support, and elastin provides elasticity. Ageing combined with environmental and lifestyle factors means these components decrease significantly after the age of 25, resulting in sagging and wrinkling.

Another naturally occurring component of the skin is hyaluronic acid which works as a humectant. This means it draws moisture from the environment through the epidermis, which increases the skin’s water content. Production of HA also declines as we age, so the skin becomes thinner, less supple, and drier.

The outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, is highly susceptible to extrinsic ageing forces such as UV rays, air pollution, and smoking as cell turnover slows down as we get older and free radicals are released, which causes cellular damage. Age-related changes in these skin cells present as fine lines, uneven texture and pigmentation issues.

Treatment options: unlike dermal fillers that temporarily replace lost volume, LanLuma is an innovative collagen-stimulating injectable that naturally restores volume and lifts facial tissues. LanLuma is composed of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which stimulates the body’s fibroblast cells that control collagen production. Over several weeks and months, collagen levels will increase, regenerating the skin.

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