Viscoderm Hydrobooster

Procedure time

60 mins

Full recovery

6 hours


topical local anaesthetic cream

Results duration

6 months


mild discomfort


bruising, swelling, tenderness, lumps

What is Viscoderm hydrobooster?

Viscoderm hydrobooster is made by the same company as Profhilo. It is a pure non-cross linked hyaluronic acid offering deep hydration and leaving skin radiant and super smooth. Skin feels more ‘springy’  as elasticity is improved and it also offers a superficial ‘stretching’ of skin, so skin appears more plump in the areas treated and wrinkles are less obvious.

What areas can be treated?

As Viscoderm hydrobooster offers both deep hydration and a superficial stretching of wrinkles  it is fantastic for treating those traditionally difficult to treat areas such as perioral (lip)lines, periocular (crow’s feet) and forehead lines.  We recommend this treatment if your skin looks dull, dry and lacklustre and if fine lines and wrinkles have become more noticeable.

How does this treatment work?

Firstly, anaesthetic or numbing cream is applied to the skin. The procedure involves multiple tiny injections. The results can be seen after 2 weeks but it takes 8 weeks to fully appreciate the full results. Most people have two Viscoderm treatments eight weeks apart, however some people are happy with the results from just one treatment.

Is it safe?

Viscoderm hydrobooster is a hyaluronic acid skin booster made by IBSA famous for manufacturing Profhilo. These products have a great safety record and can be hyalased (dissolved) should any adverse event occur.

What can I expect after treatment?

There is very little downtime with this treatment - you can go about your normal day straight after. We advise you not to touch the injection sites or apply make up for at least six hours after treatment to minimise the risk of infection.

The second treatment should be completed eight weeks after the first and you should see benefits in your skin condition at that time. After the first two treatments you may choose to either have one treatment every six months.

Price List

1 syringe£300.00

It is recommended to have 2 sessions eight weeks apart initially for optimal results then six monthly thereafter.

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