Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

I trained in BHRT at the infamous Marion Gluck clinic in London. Having prescribed conventional HRT for many years I was keen to explore alternative options for my patients. Decades ago the menopause used to be considered a condition which occurred in ‘old’ ladies and unfortunately was sometimes overlooked. Nowadays we are living longer and having children later so as a result we are experiencing menopausal symptoms at the same time as we are managing teenage children, running a busy home and often being at the peak of our careers. There is no need to wait for our periods to stop completely before looking for help, in fact quite the opposite. We know that  5-10 years prior to periods ceasing our hormones are already changing causing us to feel more tired, achey, irritable and lacking in concentration – this time is referred to as the peri-menopause. Wouldn’t it be good if you could have a bespoke treatment just to give you the accurate amount of hormone you need to rebalance you and alleviate your symptoms? This is able to be done through BHRT.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance

Fatigue, dizziness, irritability, headaches, depression, weight gain, mood swings, sleep disorders, memory lapses, dry skin, brittle nails and hair, breast pain, hair loss, joint pain, loss of libido, hot flushes. Remember that you don’t have to experience all of these symptoms to be suffering from the menopause, some ladies may only have one or two.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are hormones made from a chemical found naturally in plants. They are a precise structural replica of the hormones naturallly produced by the body.

What is BHRT?

I like to think of BHRT as a tailor made approach to providing hormones. It is not proven to be any more safe or less safe than conventional HRT however when you choose to try BHRT at Dr CP Aesthetics you will be getting much more than just a prescription. As a GP and member of the British Menopause Society I am very familiar with prescribing conventional HRT. I feel however that the 10 minute consultations allowed in general practice are insufficient to fully explore the effects of the menopause on the patient. In my private clinic I allow an hour for a full consultation where I will explore all your symptoms and risk factors. Following this you will have  a blood test if needed and some patients may require a pelvic ultrasound scan. A few weeks later you will return for your test results which we will discuss in depth following which I will provide you with a prescription made purely for you dependent on your results. Why should we assume that your body and your hormones are identical to every other lady out there when in fact the opposite is true. I will review you six weeks later then biannually thereafter and if your symptoms change blood tests will be repeated and your medication will be altered accordingly. A bespoke treatment for a totally bespoke you.

Price List

Initial consultation (60 mins)£200.00
Follow up at 2 weeks (review blood tests) (30 mins)£90.00
Follow up at 6-12 weeks (review treatment) (30 mins)£90.00
Annual follow up£120.00

These prices do not include the price of the blood test processing which is approx. £300

Some ladies may be required to have an annual pelvic ultrasound scan which costs approx. £150

Medication from the Specialist pharmacy costs approx. £100 for 2 months supply and can be in cream or lozenge form.

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