festive aesthetic treatments

The Dr CP festive glow-up guide for Christmas and the New Year

The countdown to Christmas has started and our social calendars are fast getting booked up with glam parties, work dos, family get-togethers and festive drinks. The good news is that it’s not too late to get a glow-up that will carry you through to January.

Skin TLC

This time of year is really hard on our skin. As we move from the colder temperatures outside to artificial indoor heating, our skin is often left dry and flaky while harsh winds damage the skin’s natural barrier, making it more sensitive and prone to redness.

Neck lines treatment

FAQ: Is it possible to smooth out necklace lines?

Tech neck has become the latest beauty concern as our addiction to scrolling social media on our iPhones combined with the natural ageing process, has left us with horizontal lines on our necks.

Just as crow’s feet develop around our eyes, these necklace lines are the result of a gradual weakening of our skin’s underlying foundation and the constant contraction and relaxation of the muscles beneath the skin. This leads to skin folds and lines that emerge and stay even when we are rest. And, our Instagram addictions might be the reason why younger and younger patients are seeking a solution.

FAQ: Do vampire facials work?

FAQ: Do vampire facials work?

As Halloween looms, now might be the time to consider the Vampire Facial. You may have seen scary pics online – Kim Kardashian, anyone? – of patients with a bloody face post treatment, but is the vampire facial as painful as it looks and is it worth investing in?

Kim first posted pictures of her post-PRP treatment back in 2013 and this super-charged skin rejuvenation therapy remains highly sought after.