Treatment for dull, dry skin



Skin that looks tired, lacklustre, and missing its natural glow is a common complaint of our patients. It is often linked with uneven skin tone and, in some cases, flaky skin, itchiness, redness and acne flare-ups.

There are many causes of dull, dry skin. It may be due to medical reasons such as eczema or psoriasis, but often it is a combination of the ageing process and lifestyle factors contributing to a lack of hydration in the skin.


What role does the ageing process play in dull, dry skin?

Dry skin is a common concern related to the ageing process as our skin begins to function less effectively. There are important components in the dermis that are responsible for keeping it plump, taut and hydrated.

Collagen is a substance that aids in the moisturisation of the skin and hyaluronic acid is a humectant that is capable of binding over one thousand times its weight in water. We naturally start to lose collagen and HA as we age.

Cellular turnover also slows down and dead skin cells start to build-up which contributes to the skin appearing dull.

Certain lifestyle factors also contribute to dehydrated skin. This includes smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of sleep stress and sun damage. These cause the accelerated breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Other factors include extreme weather or the changing of the seasons. Allergies and the hormonal changes that occur during the menopause can also lead to dry skin.

Addressing damaging lifestyle factors is essential and we advise you drink plenty of fluids, as a well hydrated body boosts skin hydration. A diet that is rich in antioxidants improves skin hydration in several ways. Antioxidants prevent collagen from breaking down, but they also stimulate ceramide-lipid component which prevent water loss through the skin.

Invest in medical-grade skincare that are designed to treat common skin concerns such as dehydrated skin.

LED light therapy can help calm redness and irritated skin associated with dry skin. Facial treatments such as the Hydro Facial can leave the skin immediately brighter and more hydrated and can be performed as a standalone procedure for and instant boost or as an ongoing treatment programme.

Polynucleotides is a new class of treatment which regenerates the skin from within, boosting cell turnover and stimulating new collagen production, for a smooth, glowing complexion.

Dr Claudia Petillon


Dr Claudia Petillon

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