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Crow’s feet is the term for fine lines and wrinkles that fan out from the outer corner of our eyes, which are formed when we smile but over time can become a permanent and indelible change.

The skin surrounding our eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of the face which makes it particularly vulnerable to the effects of ageing and crow’s feet are often the first sign of that ageing process which we notice. Although they are often referred to as laughter lines, patients often wish to achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance to the eyes to reflect how they feel inside.


What causes crow’s feet to form?

Crow’s feet are dynamic wrinkles which means they are caused by the constant contraction and relaxation of our facial muscles as we make expressions. Smiling is not just a universal means of communicating with others, it’s also one of our most frequent ones, with more than 30% of us smiling more than 20 times a day. Smiling is one of the chief causes of crow’s feet but squinting and scowling also use the muscles surrounding the eyes.

Coupled with this constant movement of the muscles under the skin is the loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis as we age that thins the skin, resulting in these dynamic lines becoming static wrinkles. These remain visible even when your facial muscles are at rest and extrinsic factors such as sun damage and smoking can contribute to the creation of static wrinkles.

One of the most popular and effective treatments for crow’s feet is our Anti-Wrinkle Injections. Botulinum toxin is a protein which temporarily blocks the nerve signal to the muscle so stops the muscle from contracting. The skin is smoothed while facial expression is maintained to avoid a ‘frozen’ look.

Once static wrinkles appear, temporary dermal fillers can be used to fill and smooth these permanent lines.

Polyneucleotides are an innovative approach to treating crow’s feet. They are filtered and ultra-purified natural DNA fractions that stimulate your body’s natural fibroblast production. This achieves increased collagen production – up to 47% in 23 days – and a thicker, healthier epidermis by up to 52% in 23 days, and therefore the appearance of wrinkles is much improved.

All of the injectable treatments we offer at Dr CP Aesthetics for addressing crow’s feet are gold standard products which are clinically proven to be effective and safe. Although minimally invasive with little downtime, there are still some potential risks so it is always important to choose an experienced and appropriately trained medical practitioner.

All the crow’s feet treatments we offer are temporary although the longevity of your results varies, and you will be advised when a repeat treatment would be required at your initial consultation. We can also advise you on complementary treatments and our medical-grade skincare range which can further improve skin quality.


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Dr Claudia Petillon


Dr Claudia Petillon

There is increasing pressure on us these days to appear ‘ageless’ and conform to celebrity ideals and this in turn can lead to confidence issues which I all too often see as a doctor.

I truly believe in a ‘less is more’ philosophy and want to work with my clients to achieve a more youthful version of themselves whilst retaining their full range of expression and not giving them a mask like look. I want your friends to comment on how well you are looking but not be able to tell that you have had a cosmetic treatment (that’s a secret that you can choose to keep to yourself)!

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