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The hands are often the first place to reveal the signs of ageing and are a common cause for concern. Loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid triggers ageing changes, such as fine lines and wrinkles, loss of volume and pigmentation changes.

This is partly due to the natural depletion that occurs yearly from our early 20s onwards and is also exacerbated by external factors such as sun damage or the hormonal changes that occur during menopause.

Comparatively, the skin on our hands is much thinner and more fragile, with less underlying fat than the skin on our faces. It also doesn’t have as many sebaceous glands, meaning it doesn’t produce as much oil.


What causes ageing hands?

The natural ageing process is more evident on the hands due to the composition of the dermis. We are also more likely to neglect them when performing our daily skincare routine or applying SPF.

The hands are also one of the body’s most exposed parts, and exposure to the elements accelerates the ageing process. Sun damage is particularly detrimental as it breaks down collagen fibres and increases melanin production, which is why we commonly see age spots or patches of discolouration on the back of the hands.

Our hands also work hard all day and often come into contact with substances likely to dry out the skin.

It’s never too late to start an anti-ageing routine for your hands. The first step is to protect it from external damage, so regularly apply an SPF product to your hands.

Repeated contact with water and certain products is also a skin stressor. Our hands are frequently plunged into water, which strips lipids from the skin and damages our skin’s barrier function. Harsh soaps will further disrupt the skin’s pH. All of this leads to dry, rough hands and often triggers a flare-up in inflammatory skin conditions, so make sure you don rubber gloves or use skin-friendly products whenever possible.

If you’ve already noticed ageing changes, however, certain treatments are safe to use on the thin, delicate skin on the hands.

Hand rejuvenation treatments that can minimise the signs of ageing include:

Profhilo is a skin booster composed of a high concentration of hyaluronic acid that remodels collagen fibres to improve skin density. It also delivers a much-needed boost of hydration.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can reverse volume loss on the back of the hands, which helps disguise prominent veins.

PRP therapy uses your blood’s plasma to activate growth factors and stimulate cell regeneration for a natural rejuvenation of the hands.


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