Minor surgical procedures

Procedure time

20-30 mins

Full recovery

5 days


local anaesthetic injection

Results duration

often permanent however some lesions can re-appear sometime later


mild discomfort


bleeding, infection, scarring

Minor surgical procedures

I have been performing  minor surgical procedures in general practice for 17 years and love how I can instantly remove unwanted lesions painlessly and quickly.

How does this treatment work?

I use two devices to remove skin lesions depending on which I feel will give the best outcome. I will either use Plasmage (which uses plasma energy to remove lesions) or I will use cautery (whereby heat will remove the lesion). Cautery is especially useful in treating spider naevi.

Does it hurt?

I will always offer an injection of local anaesthetic beforehand, so in most cases the procedure will be completely painless.

What can I expect after treatment?

You will be amazed at how quickly the lesions can be removed. A dressing will be applied which should remain in place for 24 hours. After that, you are free to shower and apply make-up. Please note that at this moment in time I am unable to send lesions to be examined for histology, so I am extra vigilant in ensuring there are no malignant features in the lesion in question. I will examine all lesions using a dermatoscope and if I feel that it may be more sinister, then I will not remove it but will advise you to seek a referral from your GP to a dermatologist.

Skin Tag Removal
Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign growths which have a genetic predisposition but tend to appear with increasing age and in areas where there may be friction. Most commonly skin tags are found on the neck, under breasts and axillae. Although completely harmless they can be unsightly, itch and catch on chains or when shaving.

I remove skin tags using a hyfrecator which is a small device which passes a localised electrical current through the base of the tag to remove it.

Milia removal

Milia appear as white blocked spots, also known as comedones. Milia are straight forward to remove using a sterile needle, often without the need for local anaesthetic and leave no scarring.

Spider naevi removal

spider naevus

Spider Naevi are common benign red blemishes with a central red dot and ‘legs’ hence the name. These lesions occur at any age and can be related to trauma such as scratching or picking the skin or due to pregnancy or hormones. The treatment I offer for spider naevi is the hyfrecator as per skin tag removal. It is common to have a small spot or scab develop where the lesion has been cauterised but this heals and disappears after a few days. In the unlikely event that the spider naevus doesn’t respond, a subsequent treatment will be offered free of charge.

Benign mole removal

benign mole

We offer the removal of benign moles. Please note though that all moles will first be examined. As stated already, I am currently unable to send lesions to be examined for histology. I will examine the mole using a dermatoscope and if I feel that it may be more sinister, then I will not remove it but will advise you to seek a referral from your GP to a dermatologist.

Price List

Removal of 1 skin tag, milia or spider naevus£50.00
Removal of multiple skin tags, milia or spider naevifrom £90.00
Removal of one benign mole£90.00
Removal of each additional mole (same appointment)£50.00

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